ShootOut Challenge: 1977

After seeing such amazing results from the previous ShootOut Challenge, Neil and I just knew we had to be a part of this!

The objective seems simple right? 

Two Photographers. One Model. One Location.

I have had quite a lot of experience when it comes to collaborations and throwing together shoots in a jiffy. However, this one was a little different. Being our third time working together, Neil and I decided to conjure up a fun vintage vibed 70's shoot. We certainly hit the jackpot when Danielle responded to our model casting. Everything about her online personality screamed retro goddess! Thank the heavens!

Next up, finding a makeup artist. Now, after working with several MUAs over the last few years I definitely have my go to choices and Kahlii takes the cake. She has this love for creative shoots, brings her own flare to the brief and works ridiculously fast with such skill and precision. Seriously. Go book her right now!

In amongst the various castings we posted, I received a surprise message. We were super lucky to have Flare Street see our posts and offer to use some of her amazing designs. Ummm yes please!!! If you have a secret (or not so secret) love affair for flared pants, I highly suggest you get on over to Flare Street's website right after you read this post. You might even stumble across the odd flash sale. You're welcome!

So now we have a model, designer and a makeup artist, what next?

That tiny little element needed to pull off the whole 70's look... The location.... So this was the tricky part. Aside from feeling we didn't have sufficient time to plan an entire shoot within a couple of weeks, we kept walking around in circles trying to find a spot to shoot in. None of our friends or family seemed to have a place to suit let alone know of anyone who had something suitable. Until Neil received a message from his mate Joel who came through with a fantastic recommendation. I present: Grandfather's Axe. Thankfully Jarrad and Ed came through for us and allowed us to shoot in their amazing store front based in Northcote. I have never seen such an amazing collection of vintage furniture in my life. I only wish I had an amazing house to store such amazing pieces. These guys really go the extra mile (I'm talking Scandinavia here) to bring you the most unique pieces of history for your own homes. I really loved the community feeling I got from being in the store. We propped up in a corner and got to work. All the while customers still milling around, taking in the sights and smells from the gorgeous wooden pieces and varnish.

So it's on! The ShootOut begins!

Neil and I showed up early before the rest of the team arrived. We sussed out the area we wanted to shoot in and got to work setting up a basic lighting look that wouldn't be too intrusive to the rest of the store. Danielle and Kahlii showed up and we got right into makeup whilst sorting through our first styled looks to shoot.

I decided to shoot on two cameras for this shoot.

My trusty workhorse; Nikon D800 and my film camera: Nikon F801.

I like to keep things as simple and streamlined as possible when shooting. And when it comes to taking turns with another photographer you don't have as much play time with the model. So I slung on my cameras and black rapid straps and loaded some black and white film.

My lens choices?

Nikon D800 - Lomography Petzval 85mm f2.2 Art Lens

Nikon F801 - Nikon 50mm f1.8 Lens

My choices of film on this shoot are Ilford HP5+ and Kodak Portra 800.

So we started shooting away, sometimes individually, sometimes in unison. I'm glad Neil and I work great as a team. It's so neat seeing him shoot polaroids and having everyone's faces light up upon seeing the instant image appear before their eyes. After smashing a few looks it's time to hurry along and get the final look done and dusted before closing time. I bang out my last few snaps on a colour roll of film and call it for the day. We make haste to pack up before wrapping and heading out for a tasty beverage to congratulate ourselves on such an amazing project coming to life. 

Without a doubt this is one of my favourite shoots to date and I'm so thankful for everyone who was on board!

Be sure to check out Neil's photos once you've had a scroll through mine! I hope you brought popcorn along, there's a lot to look at!

Creative Team

The Photographers:

Stacey Johnson


Neil Richards


The Makeup Artist:

Kahlii Morrison


The Model:

Danielle Horvat


The Designer:

Flare Street


The Location:

Grandfather's Axe


171 High St, Northcote VIC 3070

The ShootOut Challenge Creators:

Elleni & Stina



Look One

The start of this magical photo shoot journey! We were very blessed to have some wonderful light and one stage and Neil and I almost lost our minds. Us photographers sure do get excited with the little things. 


Look Two

Look two had a quick switch up with the wardrobe and we were away snapping in no time!

This was one of my favourite looks. 

Film used: Ilford HP5+

Look Three

I love the sassy feel of these images. The black and white film I used has the most beautiful characteristics. I highly recommend dusting off your old film camera and throwing in a roll of HP5+

Film used: Ilford HP5+

Look Four

Time to bring out a funky hat and some attitude! A mix shot on both film and digital.

Film used: Ilford HP5+

Look Five

This look was entirely captured on film as we had very limited time in our beautiful makeshift studio. I found it was super handy to have some higher ISO film with my gear as this location had super low light.

Super pleased with the results!

Film used: Portra 800

Behind the Scenes

A few snaps of the dream team working away.

Once again, a huge thank you to our team who helped pull this together!

You guys are legends!!

Grandfather's Axe